doesn’t this skirt just scream “twirl me”?

talk about ladylike lust. lose me in a party of pleats, pearls, and patent leather pumps please.

featured in this month’s More magazine, this swishing, swirling party hoop is actually made from denim?!

designer meghan stafford kelley, who fashioned this lovely piece for billy reid, is THE name we’ll be seeing more and more of in our glossies and editorials.

meg (as she’s affectionately known à moi) makes the parisians look trendy and stuck.

she is the sweetest of baby kittens, and could be the next hannah macgibbon.

here are some more shots meg, herself, styled of the fetching flowiness.

yeah, don’t even talk to me about how jealous i am of this twirling tool!

i would have OWNED that photo shoot.