so this is the deal:

i’m in utah this weekend for a wedding….

it’s a “traditional greek-orthodox, mormon union”.

{pause for effect}

what in the name joseph smith and baklava am i supposed to wear to THIS?

i have a couple of options, but i can’t decide.

maybe you can help.

i’ve constructed some storyboards {with MAJOR embellishment and fantasy as far as what’s REALLY in my closet} but this is sorta, kinda, what i’ve got going on {when i wear my rosiest colored glasses}.

i have the neutral, longish, elegant, bit of a badass, fish out of california, statement.

i am also partial to going bright, albeit still conservative, with a killer cuff and spiky pump.

 and then there’s this fresh, ultra flattering, springtime, kelly-green dress i have been wanting to wear, with a necklace of ribbon and pearls, a lacy clutch, and, of course, any excuse to buy these ridiculous stompers.

so what say you?

weigh in m’loves?

what shall katie wear?

get up no. 1: dressringclutchshoes.

get up no. 2: dresscuffclutchpumps.

get up no. 3: dressnecklaceclutchstompers.