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June 11, 2010

how did i live without sally brooks in my life?

thank you rockstar bill for bringing this lovely madness to my attention.

WARNING…if you’re not a fan of spikey, tarty words that rhyme with dutherplucker; you may want to skip this post….twirling and fanciness {i’m sure} will be back on monday.

YouTube Preview Image

happy weekend.

  • are you kidding me right now?
    I'm going to be singing that all day.
    Oxycotin washed down with JD. Put it in a cup looks like ice tea. i love you for posting that.
    what did i miss last night. ?
    i needed a night out with my girl so bad last night.
    horrible day yesterday.

  • this is my theme song.. .

  • Uh huh, this is why I'll never stop working!

  • Meredith

    Just telling it like it is!

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