monday happy to you m’loves.

did the weekend fulfill all your midsummer hungers?

i am stuffed to the eyelids with delight. the last two days and nights were a bouquet of love, laughter, rest and peace.

i dined with friends, cherished on family, laughed with tail-waggers, and found solace in the afternoon quiet.

here’s a glimpse of the goings down:

saturday night called for maxis and gimlets. it was a hot, summah night and the A was hopping. my favorite, cozy table for two, became all the more sweet with a party of four as hh and i dined with our beloved friends. i love those nights when you get home and your face hurts from smiling so much.

this weekend i got my cook on. well, at least MY version of cook: chopping tomatoes. i’ve been eating them like gummi bears. they’re sweet like strawberries and just as juicy. and now that i’m trying to give up dairy {a whole ‘nother blog post} i need all the strong flavor i can get. summer’s tomatoes are banging!

i had another rendez-vous this weekend. this time just a party of two though….

here he is saving our “table.”

jones loves to nap. and typically on his 140lb back, all four of his giant limbs in the air, head atop a tempurpedic pillow. my boy’s come along way from devore, california, where it was a cool 97 degrees over the weekend.

this is my version of heaven:

sunday nights with hunkiest, two passed out beasts, and hbo.

tell me m’loves, how did your weekend fair?