hello i love you won’t you tell me your name?

what’s in your pocket for the weekend lollipops?

tonight, i plan on losing my voice with mumford and son’s.

tomorrow, more shouting {microphone assisted} with my gangsta’s looking to sweat and crush the constant inner babble of our brains.

tomorrow night i plan on losing my mind in hunkiest’s sweet talk and sugar kisses. hopefully with a grilled cheese sandwich thrown in the mix somewhere.

more holla’ and calorie crush on sunday morning to help stave off planned damage from deep fisted, easter candy basket binge later.

i’m a sucker for pretty.

marshmallow, nougat, white chocolate, marzipan….flavors which normally produce an upturned my nose; belle them up in lavender, aqua, celadon, azure, a dusty pink?!?! and i’m a sticky-fingered walking mallomar.

so share with me..i adore your comments.

are there champagne brunches in your future? peeps? eggs to be dyed? or are you more: easter’s here?

weekend happy to you m’loves!