it’s worked. the images have worked. no matter how delicious the key lime pie or side splitting the story, i can’t get the oil-coated pelican off my brain.

friends visiting from the east got a taste of my grizzly, murky mood this past weekend. while they delighted in lobster spring rolls and wedding plans, i plotted how not to drive my hybrid as much.

i feel so responsible. i unplug every unused cord and even some that i DO (kinda) need. penance for all those times i unplugged my brain.

today i’m wearing moody as my accessory.

{let’s be honest, i’ve been channeling sylvia plath since age 7 }

i’m not complaining. i’m just sad for the state of status quo. i get my hopes up and think we’re better than where we are.

yet, then i’ll drive around looking at people’s bumper stickers; next thing i know: i’m in a corner, fetally rock back and forth, singing “landslide” with my thumb in my mouth.

i’m sure by tomorrow i’ll be pirouetting, peonies in my hair, with a case of the giggles.

i’m a loon. my favorite foods are kale juice and cupcake frosting (preferably pink).  there’s no sense to be made…

happy monday friends.