still whirling from my weekend away (7 whopping miles).

in celebration of our dearest’s 40th year on earth we feted grandly with pops, putts, and pampering.

the boys whacked the white, dimpled ball from fairway to green,

the girls blissed and basked in the hands of a masseuse.

poolside hijinks ensued.

we made sure we were properly hydrated.

shower, shine, and i was ready to shimmy.

even hh stepped up with footwear à fancy.

we gorged on a meal of eggplant, burrata, and pasta so fresh i need not chew.

balls to you morning! a giant thank you to lyndsey for opening the cafe for an early riser.

{cannot sleep in; even on vacation}

remedies for previous day’s and night’s shenanigans.

remorseful katie.

i’m back on the horse. ready to relather, rinse and repeat.

we’ve got another full day; headache be damned!

meet ya in the cabana.