monday happiest to you m’loves.

did you enjoy your holiday weekend?

i had days of peace, loved ones near and quiet time savored.

here’s an album of my weekend reverie:

a lilac scented, sunday morning…..the sweet, candy fragrance enveloped me as i unfolded into my morning of coffee, paper and a backyard serenade from the newborn, baby birds awakening in their hulking, ficus tree of a home outside.

sunday afternoon, hunkiest and his boys watched some silly sporting event involving “shafts“, “balls“, and a man named “bubba.” at least that’s what i listened to them talk about for 3 hours…..

i felt like i was back in junior high, hearing the boys in the back row of history class snicker every time the teacher said the word “hump” during the bedouin/camel lecture.

twelve year olds.

i did my best to keep things healthy for my guests……

but we did indulge in the sweet as well.

i hope you had a lovely weekend too.

come back tomorrow to see what else happened this weekend…

hint: the beast struck again.