i’m hiccup happy to share my latest news.

a few weeks back i made the decision to die a slow, painful, humiliating death return to acting.

it’s truly the most fulfilled, sickly stimulated i’ve ever been (career-wise, friends & family).

even just acting class, or preparing the crap out of an audition has me sloppy sunny and satisfied.

it’s been 5 extensive years since i’ve auditioned.

everything is SO different: online this, webbed feet that….

thank god they still want great work!!!!

in already two weeks, i’ve booked two jobs, and i’m on my 2nd call back for a super, non, non, non, non-union film.

{and i’ve yet to sign with an agent}-more on that later…

today i’m shooting new headshots, have a rehearsal for a fitness video (not my own), and start an acting class tonight.

i’m sprinkling extra hee haw in my coffee.

so that’s where i am friends.

i have my mother’s voice in the back of my head telling me i’m sounding bold and brass for sharing such things.

ick if i am, handwritten apology note to follow.

but i was getting emails for my vague mentions to l.a., and those of you who take my classes are going to wonder where i’ve been/where i’m going to be this week.