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back to life, back to reality

November 29, 2010

holy smokes!

two giant tubs of mail, over 400 emails, and a missing front tooth*.

welcome home katie.


*story to follow

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a return to love

November 25, 2010

i am thankful for humility.

the angst i feel toward some is really just my own self distrust.

fear disguised as spite.

hurrah to pluck and faith.

happy thanksgiving to the bright side.






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morning meditation

November 24, 2010

cheers to another chance.

courage in my cup, i recommit myself to expelling the naysayer in last night’s slippers.

she hasn’t served me.

it’s a sweet farewell.

the dreamer has sat sideline too long.

an illusion no more,

hour by hour the scale tips further into fearless.



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