'pebble beach'

a vacation in review

November 28, 2011

monday happy to you m’loves.

i have returned from a week of absolute bliss.

a whole seven days with my hunkiest of husbands and the beast always in tow.

alarms clocks, computers and cell phones were all unplugged {for the most part}.

here are a few shots of how it all went down:

sunrise on the deck. coffee in our mugs, sleepy on our faces, the swish of golf balls: our sweet morning soundtrack.

the sun sets, and a whole different kind of pretty moves in. we reconvene outside, bundled & toasty, on each others’ laps and ready to start the evening’s festivities.

the wine flows like a rafting river, and the scent of cigars wafts merrily up into the crescent moon.

stinky cheese, honeyed jams and loaves and loaves of the sourest of sourdough bread spoils our appetite night after night…except of course for friday when we have homemade lobster potpie {oh. dear. god.}

the dessert table alone should get us all on dr. oz’s next episode of “family eating habits: mommy why are you trying to kill me?”

seriously, is THAT cool whip? do they really MAKE cool whip still?

for the record, i DID make a salad.

when not bingeing you could find me here, detoxing all the decadence away.

i tried to take my therapist, jerry, back home with me. he said i need to “eschew the wolves out of my life.”


hmm. last time i checked priscilla was a golden retriever. but she does get rather wolf-ey at breakfast time.

i’ll keep my eye on the beast.

although a wonderful week, i am happy to be back. i missed working and my routine.

lots on the docket from now until christmas time.

until tomorrow: happy! happy! happy!

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are we there yet?

November 23, 2011

a photo journal of our road trip up north:

rise & shine!

one dead battery in hunkiest’s clunky gas guzzling tank, and one lightening round move of luggage into my more fuel efficient, albiet tinier prius, and the family is off and running. all of us seatbelted in…..even the beast.

road trips can get chilly, so priscilla wore her scarf.

the music was loud and the scenery was breathtaking, not the best combo bite when you’re supposed to be driving the speed limit.

hunkiest was pulled over for driving 20 mph over the stated limit….lucky for him his betty’s were good with the bat of the lashes and shake of the tail. we were let off with just a tinted windows warning.

the last of 4 starbucks runs.

making it just in time for our sunset walk.

wednesday happy m’loves.

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monday melodies….

November 21, 2011

monday happiest to you m’loves.

i’m off with hunkiest, the beast and the fam for a week of thanksgiving sweet.

i’m going to try to remain as incommunicado as possible: computers, cell phones, ipads, brain……all turned off.

if you need to reach me send a pony.

for my road trip up north i thought i’d share a song which has been on HEAVY rotation ’round here.

i’m obsessed with the new dia frampton “broken ones” single. my poor spin classes must be so sick of her voice {and mine, i’m sure}.

YouTube Preview Image

but i’m such a sucker for that melodramatic, bell-like, sad-girl with hope, face too cute for lilith fair, bordering les miserables eponine death scene {whoops spoiler!}, kind of ballad.

it shouldn’t surprise you.

i’m the girl who spent 1980 and 1981, in a nightgown and head band, with a perfume spritzed, handwritten love-note in tow, walking around our pool singing “hopelessly devoted” at the top off her tone-deaf lungs to an imaginary danny zuko in the sky. we have the home videos to prove it. there’s a giant reason i will NEVER run for public office: the “family GREASE” tapes being paramount.

YouTube Preview Image

good thing i’m getting out-of-town for a week. re-watching that, and remembering what i put my family through as they heeded in horror, my four-year old, deeply satisfied with herself-self, prancing around the house in complete spectacle and theatrics-never once breaking character {snap+snap+} or having one iota of shame or embarrassment; i’m happy to report delayed onset humiliation has finally set in.

i’m going underground {in my nightgown & headband} until my cheeks stop burning.

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a return to love

November 25, 2010

i am thankful for humility.

the angst i feel toward some is really just my own self distrust.

fear disguised as spite.

hurrah to pluck and faith.

happy thanksgiving to the bright side.






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November 25, 2009

coffee with truman

sunup with my boy. cinnamon on my coffee grounds.  27 hours without msnbc, and so far no vomiting, cold sweats, tears (public), or sleep difficulties.

banking my sleep for the rest of the year. for one week, naps take on the intensity of an olympic trial. hh fancies me spoiled at the spa, but i fret such a privileged picnic will take away from precious afternoon dozing.

me and favorite aka sawyer

the beasts bank their activity for rest of the year full, fledged sprints into the wind on the fairways. priscilla leaving her tongue on the tee box. favorite partials strolling with mother.

happy days.

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Like Celine says………..

November 24, 2009

YouTube Preview Image

well, we’re here. it took us 5.75hours. we stopped 3 times because i insisted on recreating some of the highlights of celine’s performance. specifically, the one-legged air guitar ending in a lifted point-flex, point-flex. the calabasas 76 station got the left to right peace sign across my eyes, as i bobbed my head off beat, front teeth to chin. when i had to pee, and didn’t want to use the public restrooms i’d just borrow celine’s quick, little, grapevine steps around the car; totally solved the problem. the only time things got awkward was when i held her tyrannosaurus rex (1:17) move? HH and the beasts started barking at me to stop, locked me out of the car, and refused to let me in until i promised to cease my homage to miss dion.

i complied. but i must say, the ride was definitely not as fun. hmph. gobble gobble.

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We’re on a Road to………Somewhere

November 23, 2009

the car is packed. the playlists are complete. this evening, after my last class, the beasts, hh and i will depart for a 7 hour road trip.

tonight begins my favorite week of the year. pebble beach.

my entire family under one roof for 6 days. thursday we’ll feast at the lodge. i think i’ve had halibut the last 5 years. no mom’s stuffing, no aunt charla’s pumpkin pie, no dad carving the turkey. and thank god, no marshmallows amidst yams???!??! (seriously, are you kidding me with that?) this thanksgiving tradition is the only i know, and i crave it all year.

13 of us in one house.  a lot of ativan prescriptions.

divorce. reconciliation. secrets. court. businesses. loans. illnesses. death. this is family. this is my family. this is my beautiful, perfect family. for all the painful tears shed, there have been more tears cried out in hysterics playing cutthroat matches of michigan rummy, or spilt over mugs of coffee during marathon morning fireside funnies. pretty much all my brother has to do is look at me a certain way, and any beverage i’m drinking squirts out my nose in convulsive laughter.

don’t get me wrong. i’m sure we will always tote along our buckets of bitterness and “our” versions of the past, but it doesn’t change the fact that i bloody love these people to death. and, for this one week when we are together, i have a smile in my stomach, and my face, and i twirl from my eyes to my toes.

*images: www.flickr.com/photos/bobmerco/4021421641/


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