so here’s the story of my missing tooth:

two hours into our drive up north i bit into a very soft, unsuspecting granola bar.

out came my front veneer!?!?

{childhood bout with spinal meningitis= crazy high fever=white spots on my teeth=false fangs}

let’s focus.

so here i am last week, on vacation with (pardon my french) no fucking front tooth during binge fest 2010.

i walked around with a tube of fixodent and superglue, but still wasn’t able to remedy mywest-virginia tee-rash look (as lovingly nicknamed by hh).

i saw a new dentist on monday and was given the dreadful news that i must get an entire new set of choppers. sadly, this isn’t the first time one of them has popped off. i wonder if demi and i shared the same incompetent dentist?