my cheap summer accessory

May 18, 2011

okay, so maybe freckles with a touch of melasma.

but it’s still the least expensive, warm-weather accessory i’ve got going.

typically makeup artists and photographers have always covered my angel kisses {thank you auntie char};

but lately the concealer and photoshop is confined to my dark circles.

freckles are definitely surfacing in style.

here’s a coolio video on the magic of retouching.

wednesday happy m’loves.

  • How is it that Penelope looks younger and more beautiful than ever?! Ahhh, it must be the freckles. You are so lucky. How do I get some?

  • I love my freckles, but now I'm really curious about how bad my skin might be — I even put sunblock on everyday! I only wish there were a way I could get more safely.

  • Oh well I was worried for a second that it might be botox injected lips (or whatever is used there…)or a boob job! Don't ever change. XO, Steph.

  • …just like me.. 'Sunny Delight'.
    Cheers!… to finding delight in the real.

  • […] freckles, eyebrow burns & melasma begone.* […]

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