happy weekend

December 17, 2010

good morning m’dears.

i’m still trying to soak warm back into my cells.

yesterday, i was shooting a short film that had me clad scantily in a 43 degree cemetery for most of the day.

at one point my earlobes started to shiver, and i started to envy those underground.

today is a different project.

this afternoon i get to run down the streets of l.a., screaming for my life.

alas, only to get stabbed to death in the end.

how are you gettin’ into the spirit?


  • Have fun screaming and yelling..sounds like fun until the end LOL! Enjoy…it's chilly up this way and it's suppose to be rainy. At least it feels a little more holiday like. Thanks for the giggles yesterday.

  • Love that coffee cup image (of course)! How great to be screaming and running down the street while the rest of us wished we could do the same but at the mall! Congrats Katie that you're out there working!

    xo Mary Jo

  • love love love you.

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