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December 14, 2010

i’ve been a bit under the water weather.

holiday cheer can make katie a dull girl.

i wax and wane.

one minute i’m vomiting holly and tinsel on every eave and tabletop,

a day later i’m stomping my boots in fury at being honked at for letting a pregnant pedestrian, pushing a stroller, have the ride of way.

{by the way, never in my life have i not minded going to jail, than when i put my car in park intending to kick the horn honker’s ass…luckily-for me-he drove away}.

but enough of these unsettled seas.

today my boots are only for toe tapping.

my christmas tree is up, it’s beautiful, and yes, it’s pink again.

happy tuesday m’loves.



  • That tree is a Christmas miracle.

  • Sweet Nothings

    i. need.that.tree.

  • Oh a pink Christmas tree? Yay! You must share photos. I know–the cursing while driving is something I do all too well in my comutes and must resolve next year to become a better person-hehe.

  • when I show this pink perfection of a tree to the crumb, she will beg to come live with you!

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