it’s been a tough week for so many i love. a beautiful soul has left us and a family is mourning the loss of their mother and wife.

all my love goes out to b & k.

sometimes in these darkest of hours it’s the smallest of things that help the next footstep fall forward.

here are six things making my week a little brighter.

freshly, ground coffee {big surprise}.

a bulletin board overhaul.

my new smoothie concoction. {green apple is key}.

rosé gold rosarys.


i’m getting more addicted by the minute. it will be on the newport beach equinox fitness schedule come november. we’re the first equinox in the nation to get it! i’m silly excited.

and YOU m’loves! you make me scratch-all over happy.

tell me, what little sumptin, sumptin is making you smile?