first off, i seriously hope this is the closest i ever get to fur.

but many thanks to the folks at locale magazine for asking me to take part in their ‘actual oc wives’ story.

much to bravotv’s chagrin we aren’t all velour, track suit donned, trout lipped, twilight obsessed, back-stabbing wrecked trains.

some of us work ’round the clock, would rather go naked than wear bebe, and can sit for hours {in fantasy world there’d be that kind of time} discussing everything from yesterday’s bahrain protests to our local homeless veterans, and how we can help them {sometimes just a hug or a cup of coffee}.

this past weekend i told hunky i am ceasing fire on orange county.

although a native, for as long as i can remember i have blitzed my hometown for its superficiality and conservative tendencies.

never feeling comfortable in my own O.C. skin i’ve always gravitated toward san francisco, los angeles or new york.

my grit quota never quite being met in land o’la-la.

but i’ve called a truce.

some of the most wonderful, like-minded people i’ve ever met live right here in my hood.

a hood with the most beautiful year ’round weather anyone could buy….a lot of them do.

my loved ones are just a car ride away; i can see the ocean from my front door.

my hunger for culture, knowledge and stimulation is constantly sated.

it’s me who just has to stay eternally curious.

orange county didn’t suck. my attitude did.