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i don’t know about you, but lately i can’t even walk by an open door to a nail salon without my eyes and nose burning.

the chemicals from the remover, the polish, callus remover gel, and even massage lotions are so strong and pungent, it’s hard to breathe as a passerby, let alone sit in those toxic fumes for 45 minutes-plus while getting a manicure and pedicure.

lucky for me i discovered lollipop nail studio at the camp in costa mesa.


“a place where glossy and organic meet,” lollipop nail studio procures handmaid, all-natural remedies to pretty up your toes and fingers.

jackie dalton, lollipop’s owner has created an intimate, boutique-like space where the nail tech’s call you “beautiful,” and happy, cheerful, eco-friendly vibes are piped throughout the bright salon, along with a great satellite radio station {i scored 3 new songs for spin class.}

using organic ingredients, sterilized tools, including a brand new file, buffer, and  sticks that are yours to take home after your service, lollipop also offers a waterless manicure where instead of dunking your hands in bowls of lukewarm, quickly to get cold water, you’re luxuriously pampered with hot towels and oils.

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no staph-infected pedicure chairs here; at lollipop you get mid-century swivels or choice of comfy sofa.

all of lollipop’s nail polish is safe and non-toxic, and they have a giant supply of contemporary colors.

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all of the organic oils, lotions and scrubs are concocted on property with your choice of essential elements: geranium, almond, rose, or camellia.

the almond scent i chose stayed with me for hours; a sweet, all-natural, non-chemically scent that didn’t reek of synthetics.


a brand new liner comes with each pedicure, and later i watched the cleaning of said tub….the scrub was so thorough you’d think they were delivering c-sections in these buckets.

fresh petals add to the holistic feeling of the experience.

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a boutique as well, lollipop offers great gift and beauty items; it’s so hard for me so say “no” to the inspirational coffee table book.

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but rest assured, if positive thinking and expanding your soul aren’t your nail salon cups-of-tea, lollipop offers the requisite brainless, entertainment fodder most of us look forward to when getting our toes done.


et voila!

happy feet!

i’m wearing my mary jo matsumoto’s 4FREE non-toxic in laguna shimmer {i brought my own polish.}

my pedicure lasted close to three weeks, proving that just because ingredients are chemical-free doesn’t mean lukewarm efficiency.

lollipop nail salon you have earned a new, repeat customer!