happiest monday to you m’loves.

i am back from my wedding in utah.

the theme of the weekend was COLOR!

everywhere you looked hues and shades of pigment seemed brighter, bolder, happier and more vibrant.

spring is in full effect in the granite state.

here are some shots of my chromatic weekend:

it seemed as if the bride and groom threw in an extra grand to the weatherman this weekend; the sunny, blue skies looked more st. lucia than salt lake city, and the balmy, breezes called for sandals, cotton skirts and smiles, hunkiest and i had a splendid time exploring downtown, enjoying the warm weather, and visiting the best of utah’s state capital.

we stayed at the grand america hotel, which also was provided the wedding venue.


i spent most of my time with my head in the candy-colored chandeliers and ballroom sized mirrors.

we found a ladurée wannabe. and while the macaroons were certainly pretty in guise…their taste was rather sandy.

there are no souvenir gifts in my suitcase. sorry loves.

the wedding called for romancing the grape.

while strolling through the shops last week i fell in love with this silk, charlie’s angel-in-my-fantasy-life, amethyst dress.

it’s not a wine, not a burgundy, but a deep, beautiful purple that i had to have.

t’was no wedding ceremony to attend after all, just the reception, and the dress was encouraged to be evening formal.

i thought i could up the ante a bit from my previous choices…..

i’m hoping to wear it many, many times……so bring on the invites.

so that was my lovely, colorful weekend.

tell m’loves, what were your shades of weekend happy…{please don’t say “grey”}.