good morning m’loves.

how was your weekend fancy?

i finally caught the rest burned on my brain after 38 hours of non-stop push.

like a miraculous well of fresh water in an arid, parched desert; i wolfed that nap greedily and hungrily down.

hours later, pillows still marked their sweet, supporting care on the side of my face;

my badge of honor for the weekend toil.

so loves are you as obsessed with tumblr as i am?

{can you say late to the game}

lost, lost i tell you!

for days, hours and hours in the tumble.

obviously i, too, had to join the party.

goodniteirene now has a tumblr page.

do you? let me know.

also, are you tweeting m’dears…anyone’s tweets i’m missing?

find both my tumblr and tweets over there on the right, a little higher up…see it?

monday happy to you m’loves.