yesterday, using my thumb and index finger, i showed a friend my dwindling tolerance for nonsense; nary a speck of light could shine through a once giant wingspan of permissiveness.

t’was not even 545 am and already a woman’s day was ruined because someone else had signed up for her spin bike.

mind you said woman still was able to take class and participate,

but the fact that she wasn’t early enough to sign up for her usual bike was a cataclysmic breach so ruinous she felt the need to mire me in her misery-bowl of punch.

when asked about hair and makeup in an interview for into the gloss, lauren santo domingo answered,

I get a blow-out, I get my makeup done—I just can’t be bothered to do it myself.

at 8½ months pregnant, the vogue editor and wife to billionaire andres santo domingo, also said she can’t remember the last time she washed her own hair.

and in this day and age when pedophiles are walking away on $100,oo0 bail; a mad man is playing duck hunt on his own people, and bullying is such an epidemic kids liken it to part of their school curriculum;

{all rather vulgar to me}

lauren’s idea of vulgarity is a woman with lipstick on her starbuck’s cup.

there’s an amazing actor killing himself right before the eyes of  his family and children.

greedy, grubby news networks are lining up for interviews and ratings; sopping up every last quote and soundbite like he’s the last droplet of an alain ducasse bouillon.

people are snarkily making fun as if they have never had a single demon to wrestle in their entire, milky white lives.

this is funny? this is feel good? watching a slow, drawn out, painful death?

maybe cbs, twitter, and facebook can start live-feeding executions for people.

i have eating issues; i have social anxiety.

i have things in my past that bubble up out of nowhere so painful sometimes i can’t breathe.

i get a little crazy every day. maybe not out loud. definitely not with a camera crew.

thank god.

because the dominating, hyena jeers would drown out any offers of help or love.

i have two holes in my body.

one on my forearm, one on my shin.

they’ve been there for a month now. cut out by my very trusted, thorough dermatologist.

she’s feels good about my shin.

she’s not so sure about my arm.


i’ve been sitting with this news for a while, and we’re being proactive.

i’m sure everything will be fine.

but i must say, with this new information, while i AM noticing a lot of the wonderful things in this world..

i’m also noticing a whole hell of a lot of nonsense.