i’m just now coming down from my sugar high…

have y’all caught the fabulous new ezine styled?

created by victoria hudgens of a subtle revelry, styled is plush with jewelry hued photographs and hand-clapping ideas, bringing fresh inspiration to your entertaining and party planning this spring.

styled includes such bits like step by step guides to making your own confetti, cabochon, and party hats…and not in the cheesy party city type of way…nor in the martha stewart…first you must start your own paper press kind of way either.

styled’s bohemian easter will have you canceling that fancy, jacket required buffet brunch in exchange for bare feet and potato chips with smashed spring peas.

each spread had me reeling in fantasy.

i must say it was a tough decision….picking my favorite story…butterfly picnic? complete with a hair-braided child in white, wind blown dress? killin me. or grown-up lemonade stand? lulling me in with lavender lemonade martinis and girl talk.

but i can’t get my brain unwrapped around the paint by number ice cream bar.

my friends know, make-your-own sundae bars are one of laziest favorite ways to serve dessert. {thank you girls bunko….although we haven’t actually played in 5 years…}

this is an even prettier, creamier {whipped cream that is} version with candies and sprinkles colored in spring.

in all honesty though…this doesn’t seem so much like make-your-own-sundae. it appears to be more like ‘hostess does ALOT of work for her guests who then can make their own sundaes’. FYI…..

nevertheless it’s pretty.

and pretty, and all things pink and lilac, usually negate yucky, sweat, and tears in my book.

styled most certainly made my day happier…

a wednesday happy to you m’loves.