impossible to be pouty in pink…

March 18, 2010

i was looking around and couldn’t help but chuckle at all the girl that seems to be invading the house of late…..

they smell like happy, silly cartwheels

the perfect spring scent; perfuming the air with a minty jasmine.

you'd think i could wash the cup before taking the photo?

pink feathers make nap dreams so much sweeter

my new thrift shop (wish i could say vintage) sweater to match my new toes.

writing it all down reinforces my gratitude for the simple and lovely.

here’s a favorite to keep you in a blushing mood day long:

YouTube Preview Image

keeping it pretty in pink today loves….

  • like happy silly cartwheels…exactly how i will start describing my lillie kate from now on.

    sometimes? your words just get me in the gut. they do. xoxo.

  • I've gotta think pink! Woo Hoo!

  • dying over the pink feathers on the pupper snuppers

  • auntie char

    Priscilla….oh my…you are edible!

    Scout went to her first party. I actually got her a summer frock. Pastel polka dress dot with pink satin waist band. She looked so darn cute….acted like it was completely normal to wear a dress. I have officially crossed the line. Priscilla…save a couple of pink feathers for your cousin Scout!

  • Where do I start? I love all of this–you nabbed one of my favorite pink scenes, plus the polish, doggie, coffee cup, flower, candle–all perfection!

    xo Mary Jo

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