wednesday loveliest to you m’dears.

how is your mid-week catering to you?

me hopes you are feeling like the grand priests and priestesses on high that you are; 2012 unfolding beautifully at your feet: laughs from the belly, smiles that last even after you have driven away, and gratitude that begins as soon as your feet hit the morning floor.

i know mine has.

with that being said THOUGH……

i kind of feel like this today.

that blasted root canal yesterday has me whining and moaning like a randy alley cat…..and NOT for “relations”, more like for relief.

sorry hunkiest.

even a vitamix green drink can’t quell this cranky kitty’s mouthful of hurt.

i don’t think i’m an obstinate girl? i know smoothies, pureéd soups, even ice cream are on my acceptable recovery menus.

but for some reason all i crave right now are croutons, chips, toffee, hard candy, gravel…..any item of food{?} that could botch up my already compromised foul-mouth.

i’m not trying to be brattish, i think i was just bred that way.

she may have taken out my roots, but that endodontist did not take out my moxie, yesterday i came across this:

is this girl amazing or what? i am totally and completely inspired. i’ve watched this, maybe 20 times over and over again.

as soon as i feel better i’m in. i’m doing it, 100%, all out committed. if she can do this, i can.

i WILL finish my laundry.