just a few things making me silly happy.

buds refusing to bow down to the bully of frost and freeze;

defiantly, flamboyantly blooming big bowfuls of petal for our cold winter favor.

birthday cakes are on the brain.

i’m completely heart sweet on this sugary vanilla, heavy on the frosting {save me the rose please} happy pastry.

tis so hard for me to remain completely grown-up diving into a slice of said prettied delight; my legs often pop into a spontaneous, uncontrollable happy dance underneath the dining room table.

how ’bout we all pop over to jamie’s for a slice? childish dance party optional.

she’s another, that jamie girl, who can make me giddy glee.

also getting my goose greased gay are my tim mcgraw worthy clodhoppers.

thudding me up and down the town, always paired with the frilliest skirts and dresses my closet can proffer.

let’s not forget my daily date{s} with bathtub.

today my window to a better, brighter, kinder world has a little less streaking.

a new path paved with possiblity….and pink {big smile} is always available for me to walk about.

i know this to be truer than the bluest of true.

an afternoon, or {gasp} even more scandalous, a morning tryst with mr sandman may not just be a pipe dream one of these days.

a reignited my romance with my kitchen.

after 12 days with the flu the thought of anyone else handling my food made an already fussy stomach even more flustered and overwrought.

i’m actually tasting food in its perfect form again; not covered up in sugar, salt and other additives.

this could get addictive.

date night.

hunkiest and i start planning our next outing while in the midst of our current rendezvous.

so much for living in the moment.

but our time together is so limited, and the word precious even seems flippant.

we’re fierce with this allotment.

we look forward to it all week, and still feel like they end oh too early.

this song is currently burning up my ipod.

and you!

you elate me my loves. the emails, comments, those who agree and disagree. those who have nothing to say.

i love you all.

i’m tickled totally.