mayday! mayday!

April 18, 2011

man down.


stomach flu.

me. last 36 hours.

in the process of developing a newly found, unnatural relationship with my bathroom floor; i also carved out, new bikini abs, perfect for summer.

silver lining kind of girl.

  • Sweet Nothings

    oh poor thing!

    Ive been having "tummy troubles" too I wont get into, but I said the same thing, im about 5 lbs closer to my goal weight for summer

  • Hope you feel better. Unfortunately, I've been sick again – massive sore throat, runny nose, and tired. Wish I had the stomach flu so at least I could loose weight. LOL! Feel Better.

  • …The release will eventually have you feeling fresh and new.

    Fresh ginger and fresh lemon and honey, and warm water…and that's all you need for now.


  • Hope you feel better soon! Stomach flu is the worst, poor thing!!! Hoping you're back with the living soon 🙂 Sadly I have rediscovered the joys of Easter candy…

    xo Mary Jo

  • Poor girl! Get well soon. (:

    {Sorry for the lack of comments. My new job is swallowing me whole, but I love it!}

  • You poor thing. I hope you're feeling better.
    (And is it awful that I almost kind of want a stomach flu just so I didn't have to go to classes for the next few days? Yeah, I know.)

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