spring cleaning

April 2, 2012

craggy ol’ winter seems to be taking her sweet, cranky time exiting stage right; her nasty, frigid winds and neurotic, indecisive, capricious mood swings which can sometimes call for a rainstorm here and cold front there, have outworn their welcome with this ready for bare shoulders & sandaled feet, aching for wide-open-porch-door-weekends girl. 

in addition to my spring training, last week i took a pre-emptive strike to nudge the peel and shuck properties of springtime’s occasion of renewal and rejuvenation.

it was time to physically evict senora winter.

said eviction began on my face.

hello, dermaplane.

out with the old, and in with the new!

dead, sluggish, mottled skin begone in one single, magical scrape.

with a scalpel, {yes, scalpel, you read that correctly}, my wizard to ridding all bumps, discoloration and lines not so fine, dawn hawley haymond, in less than 30 minutes, planes off the winter facial baggage.

dermaplaning is exfoliation at its finest.

completely safe, pain-free and addictive; you see and feel your results {baby bottom, soft skin} as you walk out of dawn’s door.

dawn also uses other treatments such as dry ice cryotherapy, an anti-bacterial pore tightener which instantly brightens you up, so you’re never walking out of the office with “facial” face.

i know that dermaplaning works because hunkiest never fails to tell me how great my skin looks after i’ve had a treatment.

dawn works out of dr. terry dubrow’s office in newport beach….husband to a certain, new bravotv housewife…

don’t let that deter you…..dawn is 100% genuine, and her results are natural, non-plastic and beautiful.

dermaplaning is also much more affordable to than your average facial. at $50 per appointment i always feel as if they’ve made a mistake with the charge….?

to book an appointment you can email here:


or call 949 -515-4111

 springtime happy to you m’loves.

  • I so want to get this done!! I wonder if I can find a bit of time when I'm in LA to do this. I wish I had a car of my own — that'd make this so easy!

  • i need one of those… would work wonder on my tired skin… ha! happy monday!

  • That sounds so tempting!!! Thank you for the tip, I've entered the phone # in my cell, I never know when is
    that I will dial it and make an app. That will for sure surprise even myself since I'm due for a "me" time 🙂

  • Booking right now! Thanks for sharing–spot zapping costs $500 at my dermotologist!

    xo Mary Jo

  • this is why I can't miss one single day of goodniteirene!

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