scenes from a {holiday} weekend….

May 29, 2012

hello my sweets.

tuesday splendid to you!

did you drain each drop out of your extra day of fun in the sun?

around these parts, summer arrived with tiffany blue skies and tank top warm sun.

it t’was a splendid weekend indeed!

saturday morning began with a bout of cardio coaching on the spin bike, followed with a little c-curve and toning for orange county’s finest glutes and thighs on the mats.

post class hunkiest and i made a stop at see’s candies. i owed a box to my pilates teacher for missing last week’s training whilst in utah.

i cannot emphasize enough, the power of see’s candy to enliven an exhausted, bitter troop of girls, holed up for 6 hours in a tiny studio, on a holiday weekend.


on saturday night i made my first bloody mary of the season…extra worcestershire.

3 sips into my cocktail and i was on the floor having deep conversations with strange, pants-less and shirt-less men about buddhism, war and why my house plants never live.

this is why i do not drink.

although only to the grocery store and back, i did manage to eek out my first bedecking of summer’s white sandals. i’m a sucker for white in the summer. and my 4FREE nail polish in sea glass by mary jo matsumoto garnered many a compliments! thank you mary jo.

tell me m’loves, what were the highlights of your holiday weekend happy?

  • Ah, love the toes!!! And I think if anyone deserves a bloody mary it might be you–glad you had a lovely weekend, wasn't the weather insane? Sigh back to your torture today (I am the worst student ever, I know)…

    xo Mary Jo

    • goodniteirene

      you did great tonight…i forgot to tell you how much i loved your lips and toes!!

  • LOVE the sandals and the polish. I have to admit, I've never really done nail polish before, but I've so been changing that lately, and I'm going to grab one of Mary Jo's colors for my toes.

    And I had a lovely weekend. It was so wonderfully relaxing… Just what the doctor ordered.

    • goodniteirene

      mary jo has THE best nail polish…i'm loving the beachcomber trio….it's so pretty for summer…

  • melissa

    i adore your taste in shirtless men. what a handsome fella.

    and those hardwood floors…nice plank size.

    perfect planks are on the brain…i know you get this. ha.

    • goodniteirene

      he's handsome, but not very smart unfortunately…what he lacks in braincells he makes up in pure sweetness….
      i love him so much.

  • Uh….you see? See the legs in the last shot?! They need to be in shorts. I rest my case. 🙂 Oh, and those pants less & shirt less men? Those are my absolute faves. 🙂 The look on his face is so cute….love your home hunnie. So glad you had a great weekend.

    • goodniteirene

      legs=power of airbrush….but thank you!

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