i’m on to you southern california.

i’m on to you, and i like it.


 this week i’ve noticed a general breeze of the playful sweeping through the streets and cities of my beloved state.

i’ve named them the santa ana sillys.

 it’s not as is if we’re known for our highbrow behavior, so this gaggle of mirthful goes a little above our wet seal paygrade. 


there is a reason why hunkiest and i scour the real estate sections of nashville, charleston, jackson hole, and dallas each week; searching for cities rejected by bravotv. 

this piece on the O.C. only confirms our pursuit. thank you michelle for this hilarious opus.


but back to my point, the last five days have been chockablock with the inane, the nonsensical, and overall wacky.

and it has filled my cup full of happy.

whether with clients or strangers, my hunkiest or beasts, hi-jinks and tomfoolery seem to be the bulls-eye on our sunny-skied state’s board of darts.


 yesterday a bowl of kale and white bean soup became a basketball hoop, the salt & vinegar chips made fine, round, lofty basketballs, and a late lunch with my husband fashioned into second grade recess.


i have accepted, dare i say, embraced {?}, the fact that i am ridiculous.

i say absurd things.

typically these things are said whence wearing a microphone.

i doubt my propensity for baloney will change. in fact i’m sure, with age, hello!!–one year older last sunday?—it will worsen.


so let’s carry on this season of nitwit.

with so much sad in the world it’s time to get jiggy with the jolly and groove with the grateful.

are you down, like divine brown?

so much love to you.

see you on the other side of sunday.