two fridays ago i thought i was home free: my classes were taught, my clients were whipped tight and firm for the  weekend’s scantily clad endeavors, the beast was shiny clean.

the first afternoon off in months, and just as i pulled polly into her cool, ensconcing garage my phone started blowing up like an illegal, fourth of july firework.

 mayday! mayday!

i had a last minute commercial audition.

my role? ethnic mom #2. not #1, number TWO, and they needed me to be up in west hollywood an hour ago. which according to google maps traffic alerts yielded me there in 2.12 hours.

always armed with an emergency makeup kit, i threw polly in reverse and thanked the satellite radio gods.

here are some shots of the afternoon:

hair. check!

makeup. check!

land rover was casting a commercial as well. i had to share a waiting room with rugged, navy seal-looking model types.

note to self: next time bring my single girlfriends.

my post-audition reward.

my favorite coffee bean: sunset & holloway. more star sightings than a lakers’ playoff game, ample parking and the baristas always remember your drink and name.

one caveat: even the filthiest, crack addicted, would-do-anything-for-a-buck-vagrant would still, even for a thousand dollars, not use their restroom. although shia lebouf……did.

i’m still waiting to hear about ethnic mom #2. i don’t know think my scowl at crying baby #4 helped my chances. but for the record, camera wasn’t rolling during said prima donna’s subsequent meltdowns, so the kid should have kept it together.

i don’t care what kind of “method” actor he was.