soaking in every last drop

August 31, 2011

sun is shining. weather is sweet. make you wanna move your dancing feet.

  ~bob marley

       summer is winding down her sultry, breathe-easy visit. i will be sad to see her go.
are you savoring each sunny moment like i am?

share with me how you’re squeezing the last of summer’s sweet juice into your cup?

wednesday happy m’loves.

  • I am fully available for Summer to roll on, and then I woke up to a soft grey view, and I realize that I no longer have to search for the shade. I do need to get in some more boogie boarding days, but today the weeds are call my name. The colors are changing in the altering light, and more than anything, that is what I like.


  • We didn't have a proper summer here in Oakland, so I just want to sit out-old school and soak up the rays somewhere blisteringly hot slathered in babyoil. It used to be called a tan and it was my strong suit.

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