it’s hard to believe that not two hours before this photo was snapped, we were having a brilliant, summer storm.

a storm with all the proper, dramatic fixings: sit-you-straight-up-out-of-a-dead-sleep, loud, cracking thunder! light-up-the-whole-blacked-out-bedroom, blinding lightning! and then the ensuing, much more mannerly, blanket of rain: she kindly attempted to lull us back to sleep with her melodious patter onto our roof and into our yard, but unfortunately for me, once i’m awake, I’M AWAKE!

holiday be damned. the family had to be up before dawn. hunkiest had a tee time, i have a spin class to teach {75 minutes–GULP!}, and the beast has different napping positions she’d like to explore.

waiting on our front step for the paper: coffee in cup, beast by my side, sleep on the brain, grump in my mood, in less than 10 minutes, i watched the deep, navy blue sky slowly dilute into a lighter, more lucent marine. it looked like thousands of angel artists were furiously, madly painting and pasteling {a word in katie-land} up and down the sky, all competing for the prettiest shade of day.

and then the sun. that sun. a bring you to tears, beautiful ball of sublime, lifted from behind our trees, our house, and slowly made her way up into the sky.

and just like that, my breakfast of grumpy was over. yes, i’m still a bit tuckered from lack of sleep, but i’m great at catching up with an afternoon nap….or two.

i hope you have a wonderful holiday.

labor day happy to you m’loves.