friday morning loveliest to you.

typically, i’m not one checking my watch every five minutes, waiting for monsieur weekend’s arrival. i like my days of the week just fine; each one unique and different in his or her own little monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday way……

and as far as when my weekend actually starts? i’m still deciding that on monday. to be honest, saturday and sunday feel rather hamster wheel-like for me. i work on saturday, and sunday seems like it’s an on your mark, get set, GO! track meet for hunky and i as we scramble out our chores {that bloody christmas tree is STILL up}, give the beast her proper ado, fashion out one on one time with each other, and alone time for ourselves {mucho important!}.

but this weekend i am/have been counting down the minutes and seconds for my final class on saturday.

i’m tired. i’m always tired. it’s the nature of my job. it’s a physical job. and i really don’t mind being tired, it kind of makes me happy because it tells me i’ve worked hard. but this week, i’m really, really tired. the kind of fatigue where i feel a silly, drunk loopiness take over my speech and body.

no, officer. i haven’t been drinking. i just teach spin & pilates all day.

it might just be a day and a half, but i’m gonna juice that mutha out as best i can. i want a paycheck for how awesome i make my downtime this weekend!

so i truly, sincerely, with all of my beating heart wish you a happiest of weekends. i plan to make it a splendid, relaxing, hand holding, head resting on his shoulder, marathon napping, someone find me a cheese plate!, let’s watch another movie on our new appletv, finishing the new york times crossword-happiest of weekends.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.