i did it. i bought my first pair of jeans, in a shade other than indigo or black.

the inspiration was everywhere:

initially it was miss lily aldridge who perked my covet for jeans not blue. with legs stemming from locks of ombre, all it took was lily’s seductive stalk of said gams across my fall glossies clad in j. brand, maroon fancy, and suddenly color was on the brain.

i think it was this esoteric, somewhat sexually manipulated ad, by the australian designer ksubi, that finally put me over the edge to run out and actually purchase a pair of rusty, red denim. make a girl think she can fly? all the while looking like a supermodel? and in the meantime extinguish any aggression she’s been having lately with a honda rx7’s? hello!? sold!

that will be on my visa, please.”

shrewd marketing reigning victorious in the autumnal battle between wells fargo debit card vs. katie’s spending freeze.


on an aside, this is a super fun video of the spring 2011 campaign for j brand.

what is your favorite look?

the “ali magraw” literally produced drool out of my mouth.

wednesday happy to you m’loves!