it’s been a bit since i’ve done a movie trailer post, but there really hasn’t been much out there that fancies me. 

that is until i saw sofia coppola’s, based-on-a-true-story, summer release, “bling ring” with emma watson.

sofia coppola usually hits home runs.


and anytime adderall-popping, wrecked-trains invoke words like karma and spiritual healing to bolster and defend their drug addicted, crime-eliciting sprees, i’m sucked in like my spoon is to my nutzo-jar.


it’s a given that i will see the great gatsby…but baz luhrman has been teasing me with the release of this betty for over a year now, it’s practically time for another remake. 

i am especially excited though for this xx song available on the soundtrack released on may 7th

any movies grabbing your attention?