halloween’s a stirring.

our hood is alive with the spook: pumpkins guard the stoops, skeletons sway on second stories, and the smell of fog machines, misting out their gloomy soup, permeate the air as the final dress rehearsals are run on houses haunted.

we do love our hallow’s eve. the streets are crammed with costumed kiddies, who agonize over the life or death decision between the skittles or jolly rancher pick {hunkiest always gives them both when the parents aren’t looking -love that guy}, and their cocktail/camera toting chaperones who bring a new year’s eve energy to each of our precious guests.

there’s a shindig at every other home. interactive games and haunts on the main drag. sugar and horror all night long, and all for free!

i still don’t have a costume. ideas? what are your halloween plans?

weekend happy to you m’loves! see you on the other side of sunday.