a photo journal of our road trip up north:

rise & shine!

one dead battery in hunkiest’s clunky gas guzzling tank, and one lightening round move of luggage into my more fuel efficient, albiet tinier prius, and the family is off and running. all of us seatbelted in…..even the beast.

road trips can get chilly, so priscilla wore her scarf.

the music was loud and the scenery was breathtaking, not the best combo bite when you’re supposed to be driving the speed limit.

hunkiest was pulled over for driving 20 mph over the stated limit….lucky for him his betty’s were good with the bat of the lashes and shake of the tail. we were let off with just a tinted windows warning.

the last of 4 starbucks runs.

making it just in time for our sunset walk.

wednesday happy m’loves.