beat the winter blues….

January 19, 2012

nothing like dollop of violet on the toes to brighten up a winter’s day.

i’m loving the new rosy shades from mary jo matsumoto’s pacific coast highway nail color collection; bright, modern, and colors which work well in winter {some pinks and purples don’t}.

this week the nude shades went on sale: naked at the beach….i’ll definitely be snatching these up. i have a feeling i’ll be wearing topless at san ono all season long…

you can buy them all here.

~hmmmm. maybe i wouldn’t be sick still if i’d stop wearing these damn flip-flops?

  • Oh my gosh, that color looks beautiful on you! Thanks Katie for the shout out – I'm so glad you are liking the Sea Creatures polishes. I've been addicted to the red for some reason on my fingers, but need to move on! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    xoxo Mary Jo
    p.s. adding this photo to tumblr asap!

  • Have to say your purple tootsies looks fabulous. Its so funny seeing them loose and happy and heading for the sand? when mine are in UGG boots

  • Katie, Jody here again, don't want to be weird and stalkerish – but just read your comment on my blog – you always make me laugh out loud. The real fully spelled laughing, rather than the LOL. It's a gift.

  • i think i must have the violets.

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