monday happiest to you m’loves.

i’m off with hunkiest, the beast and the fam for a week of thanksgiving sweet.

i’m going to try to remain as incommunicado as possible: computers, cell phones, ipads, brain……all turned off.

if you need to reach me send a pony.

for my road trip up north i thought i’d share a song which has been on HEAVY rotation ’round here.

i’m obsessed with the new dia frampton “broken ones” single. my poor spin classes must be so sick of her voice {and mine, i’m sure}.

but i’m such a sucker for that melodramatic, bell-like, sad-girl with hope, face too cute for lilith fair, bordering les miserables eponine death scene {whoops spoiler!}, kind of ballad.

it shouldn’t surprise you.

i’m the girl who spent 1980 and 1981, in a nightgown and head band, with a perfume spritzed, handwritten love-note in tow, walking around our pool singing “hopelessly devoted” at the top off her tone-deaf lungs to an imaginary danny zuko in the sky. we have the home videos to prove it. there’s a giant reason i will NEVER run for public office: the “family GREASE” tapes being paramount.

good thing i’m getting out-of-town for a week. re-watching that, and remembering what i put my family through as they heeded in horror, my four-year old, deeply satisfied with herself-self, prancing around the house in complete spectacle and theatrics-never once breaking character {snap+snap+} or having one iota of shame or embarrassment; i’m happy to report delayed onset humiliation has finally set in.

i’m going underground {in my nightgown & headband} until my cheeks stop burning.