east coast greetings to you m’loves.

i am having a deep romance with all things shingle, fragrant honeysuckle which drapes and festoons the sidewalks we ramble, and the atlantic ocean skylight. a different kind of brilliance than out west. the east coast light has a crispier brightness; a luminosity of sharper, more pungent navys, forest greens, and bleached whites. there’s a propriety to these eastern hues, a popped collar, a tightly rolled cuff. the sunset has a spit-shine luster. whereas i’m used to a glazy, color-outside-the-lines, pinks, baby blues, oranges all meshed into one setting sun.

different. all exquisite, but currently i’m fixated on this spellbinding eastern seaboard.

here’s a few shots of the love affair:

we’re housed in sag harbor; a sleepy-town tender sweet. she captivates with her federal building red brick and americana best.

steps take on a loitering saunter while strolling the shops of main street, and smiles erupt with very little kindling.

bicycles lack lock and chain. tis more of a doors unlatched beach hamlet of trust and group etiquette.

evening one we romped ocean side amongst locals with a sunset of cocktails, supper & sassy conversation.

never underestimate a girl with a glass or two of sancerre under her belt maxi skirt, it renders the tongue cheeky and confidence unhinged.

game on.

some folks scout wineries and local breweries on their holiday, i hunt the bean.

the hamptons does not lack for delicious coffee, nor kind-hearted coffee vendors. i’m already on my third complimentary cup.


i am smitten with juicy naam, an organic raw juice bar in sag harbor. even though i am on vacation, this local favorite has helped keep me ritual cleanse shipshape. unfortunately monday night we negated all that organic, raw goodness with cheesy, tummy-filling happiness at blue parrot, a shrimp fajita mecca in east hampton. luckily we found an 8:30am flywheel class the next day to take away some of the mexican guilt. 

our beloved hosts: two of the best people in the world, meg & jon, with the third, best, littlest one on the way in august…{you can see him there in her perfect little, chic belly}.

my meg is beyond amazing. here she is practically 30 months pregnant, with guests in her house, and she still turns out this poolside lunch fit for the style section of the times.

always dressed flawlessly, never looking like anything you’d see in an editorial or something of “the season”, she is queen of vintage and originality. meg is what the editors wish they could replicate across their 7 pages of gloss each issue. i envy everything she puts on.

back to lunch: baked flounder on the grill with fresh vegetables from the farmers market, and a quinoa-broccoli salad that i’m still salivating from. and to boot….fresh strawberry milkshakes later that night in the vitamix..{mint chip for hunkiest}……

my one cooking contributive ability is making coffee, and i practically had to hire a tutor from amagansett in order to work their fancy coffee pot. not much of a houseguest. 

coffee pot befuddlement aside, it has been moment after minute after second of bliss.

pure bliss.

tuesday love to you.