here we are again m’loves. more gift suggestions for your holiday shopping. 

tell me what you think. number1

i’m such a sucker for scarves. this echo silky screams “put me in my in your hair and make like your most vampy, sixties, french pop star.” i’m feeling a rendition of zou bisou bisou coming on, care to join me? these little roll-up flats from bloch are begging me to snatch them up too. the purple shade is fetching, but the black is more my low rider style. 

wouldn’t it be so nice to leave the house each morning with a little smooch on each cheek, er ear. do you have someone you want to smooch on every single day? how about these little marc jacobs’ kissy studs to show them?

these mustard shades top off the glammy retro look. it may be december where you are, but with these little yellow pick-me-ups, it’s south of france summer.

tap is

i normally don’t wear a watch, but lately in certain classes of mine {sorry to my pilates reformer jumpers} i have needed to use one. rather than something blingy, i prefer a sportier model. this addidas stockholm watch needs to find my wrist. 

this stylish glass bottle will definitely keep your recipient en vogue. nothing is more unfashionable than a plastic bottle these days. even more chic is the fact that a portion of every purchase of “tap is terrific” goes to making clean water facilities a reality for families in rural india.

so we were given this book, the new york times 36 hours, 125 weekends in the US & canada, as a hostess gift recently by our dearest friends. i devoured this book like a coconut cake. it’s the perfect armchair traveler, providing the dreamiest of itineraries. i’ve already purchased it for another loved one. it’s that good. thank you for the good gifting my darling meg.

for your more yogic, spiritual loves, give them this 3-strand, green stretch bracelet from jenny rabell. reminiscent of mala beads these are the perfect replacement for the cumbersome prayer beads that never quite fit snugly around one’s wrist or match your lululemon wunder unders. so if you have phonies, like me, on your christmas list, snatch a few of these pretty, stretchy babies up.


my favorite part of christmas gift giving is the stocking stuffers. silly, non-sensical, sometimes bawdy, and always inexpensive. typically something you have zero need for and makes you laugh or smile. here are some stocking stuffers that have caught my eye:

these sweet little hedgehog dryer balls had me cooing and mewing as if they were real, live golden retriever puppies. how sweet are they? you throw them in {gently please, they’re too darn cute to be rough with} your dryer, and they take the place of your typical Bounce sheet; getting rid of static cling, freshening things april’y and such. 

i’m cuckoo for this shower timer. what a great idea. i also might use it for how long i’m allowed to stand at the refrigerator, door open, staring absently, my mouth agape. 

this ceramic tray made me laugh. i have several people who this would be a nice fit for, yes, maybe even meeself. 

and who doesn’t need a bat signal on their front porch or nightstand? i’d shine that sucker on every now and then, signaling my hunkiest {hee} to get his brave self home pronto!

that’s all for today folks. 

happy 12-12-12!

make a wish why don’t ya? 

i’m wishing you a peaceful, beautiful day.