let me break it down: round two

December 21, 2011

so yesterday’s procedure actually went worse than i had anticipated.

if you follow my tweets and facebook, many of now know i have made an about-face regarding body & mind-altering drugs.

i believe in them and would desperately like to get my strung out hands on them in any way shape or form.

i went in for a root canal, but the way my head and right eye feels today, i’d bet good money that there was brain trenched out as well.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.


lindsey lohan

  • :(( I hear YOU

  • Ugh. Let me know if you need anything-I am right in Irvine!!! XXOO

  • Poor thing.

    Funny story.
    My very geeky boyfriend recently saw a news story about LL on Newser and was appalled by her appearance (I don’t think he’s seen her since the Parent Trap). Anyway, I really banged my right hand up this weekend doing chores/fighting my cats. I show Noah, looking for some sympathy, and he says “your hand looks like Lindsey Lohan’s hand!” Poor guy, it’s the only pop culture reference he’s got.

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