clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

~rabindranath tagore

monday happy to you m’loves. it is a scrumptious, rainy, cold monday morning here in southern california.

these are my most favorite types of days, the drearier and damper….the happier the katie.

mr. tagore’s quote is a lovely antidote to the virus seeming to permeate much of society.

{in my humble opinion}

sometimes i have to check myself and make sure i’m not standing in kandahar, and not newport beach, with the way some of the people complain around here.

no, life is not perfect. it’s messy, it hurts. we’re not supposed to be happy every single second of every damn day.

last year i started reading the happiness project, a book that has swept the nation. four chapters in had to give the book away, although in retrospect i should have just trashed it.

happy? that’s a whole lot of friggin’ pressure. what about grateful? what about responsible and principled? i don’t think our grandparents were walking around during world war ii and the great depression concerned about “happiness”. but they seemed to cope and behave much better than us yahoos.

yes, there is a lot of pain and sadness and SICKNESS.

i. know.

but there is also a lot of beautiful. it’s what we choose to hone in, lock our lasers on, and fire our hearts at.

oh and back to the rain….there was a bit of this nonsense on the soggy, morning walk.

nothing like the smell of wet dawg to christen a cozy, warm house.

monday happy to you m’loves!!!