thursday loves

December 8, 2011

thursday happy to you m’loves!

i hope you’re having a week of joy and sweet.

today i share a handful of things keeping my bucket merry! merry!

they say, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but sometimes the small stuff can pack a blessed, jolly punch.

here’s what’s been knocking me out:

hot, heavily buttered english muffins with fancy jam.

with each bite, my eyes roll back into my head, my face feigns as if i sustained injury.

nothing beats a warm, fragrant house.

i feel like snow white, hidden away safe in the amber scented woods, with my maquis candles wafting through the house, my go-to wicks this time of year.

here they are: my pink tree and her “guardian”.

it’s been up before thanksgiving. i couldn’t resist. my bubblegum pink christmas tree. priscilla guards it with her life.

YouTube Preview Image

this is an oldie, but this time of year it’s on heavy repeat….

not much of a video, but such a lovely soundtrack on an early morning.

so tell me m’loves……what are currently digging?

  • I'm digging the James Perse rayon utility shirt. I have it in three colors and wear them all week. Unlike the popular Equipment shirts that are so popular right now, this one is cut way smaller. It hugs the bod, is just the right length and thick enough that my bra doesn't show too much. OH! It is machine washable!!!!

    • goodniteirene

      oooh!! i just checked it out online….i also saw the utility dress, super cute too!!

  • uh Cassie, sounds perfect. I'm shopping today! Katie, the jam…is that A Market or just a teasey web snap? cuz I really NEED plum/peach, yum. As for me, I think I have already mentioned the Stonewall Kitchen Coffee Carmel Sauce that make everything better, pancakes, ice cream, pie, coffee… I think I'm going to try it as a facial mask next.

  • Some pretty silver balls hanging from that awesome pink tree would go great with your black and white and wood and beauty queen Golden (not that you asked!)!!! Right now I am into mixing coffee and diet swiss miss…followed by a visit to Starbucks later….surely not good for me. Love you and miss seeing you and Red. XO

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