thursday happy to you m’loves!

i hope you’re having a week of joy and sweet.

today i share a handful of things keeping my bucket merry! merry!

they say, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but sometimes the small stuff can pack a blessed, jolly punch.

here’s what’s been knocking me out:

hot, heavily buttered english muffins with fancy jam.

with each bite, my eyes roll back into my head, my face feigns as if i sustained injury.

nothing beats a warm, fragrant house.

i feel like snow white, hidden away safe in the amber scented woods, with my maquis candles wafting through the house, my go-to wicks this time of year.

here they are: my pink tree and her “guardian”.

it’s been up before thanksgiving. i couldn’t resist. my bubblegum pink christmas tree. priscilla guards it with her life.

this is an oldie, but this time of year it’s on heavy repeat….

not much of a video, but such a lovely soundtrack on an early morning.

so tell me m’loves……what are currently digging?