my newest girl crush….

April 13, 2015

prissuttin (3 of 3)

there’s a new girl in the house, and we’re all crushing HARD.

11 days ago “sutton sinclair” decided to show up to the dance party…..early.

we had a week in the nicu because she was so little, but we’re home now and overdosing on all the happy.

priscilla clearly has a new favorite; i have been officially replaced.

monday happy to you m’loves!

feeling grateful,

katie, rob, sutton, jones + priscilla

  • Katie, thats awesome. Congrats to you and your family…

  • She is beautiful and tiny and perfect! Congratulations to YOU!!! I’m just so happy for you. XO

    • thank you so much kristin…feel so priviledge to be in this new club.

  • Such fantastic news!!! I am so happy for all of you! Welcome to the “Mommy Club!” <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to meet Sutton. 🙂

    • thank you friend…it’s an esteemed club..and i’m elated i am a new member…yes, come see her!

  • Could I be any more happy for you? No, probably not! Congratulations to you Katie and to all of your welcoming and loving family.

    • aw pattie…thank you so much. i can’t contain my joy. love to you.

  • Gorgeous! Did you know my sons name is Christian Sutton Sinclair?

    • what!!?!? it is not!?!? really??? crazy!!!! they have to meet!!!! i’ve always had my heart set on that name—girl or boy.
      thank you love…this is the absolute best job EVER!!!!

  • Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby & love her name!

    • thank you tiffany!! we’re so happy….can you give her makeup lessons on the patio at grit?

  • So happy for you guys!! We were at Hoag same time!

    • thank you arden! yes..we were!!! i was such a mess though..pretty much down on 6th floor 23 hours a day…did you have megan as a nurse!??! i’m going through megan and emma withdrawels…the best nurses ever.
      how are you?

  • Congrats!!! Baby Sutton Sinclair is truly blessed with amazing parents! Mamacita K, so incredibly happy for you, your heart and soul have a new purpose in life… Enjoy the journey! Xo

    • oh karina! hi love. miss you….thank you so much…i can’t believe someone can be this happy. love to you.

  • AuntievChar

    So happy for all….especially Priscilla. So nice to have a little sister to play dress up with!
    Great Auntie Char

    • priscilla is in heaven with her new “doll”….come see us please.

  • She’s adorable and Sutton Sinclair rolls off the tongue perfectly. Congratulations to you and Rob!!

    • thank you husband and I can’t stop calling her “suttonsinclair”-one word…we must stop—already embarrassing our daughter.

  • Congrats lady. Can’t wait to see her. Does she have your hair!!??

    • LAURIE!!! thank you….she “does” have my hair….takes forever for me to dry it… 🙂
      coming to see you soon.

  • So happy to hear your happiness! Welcome to Sutton! She’s certainly come into a great household!!!

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