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January 24, 2012

to quench my fury with the current, pitiful state of the written word-dovekeepers anyone, my friend mrs. burns convinced me to enroll in an itunes university’s literature course.

she had  to pick yale.

i was fine with a nice community college.

nevertheless, we have embarked on the american novel post 1945.

i’m only three books in.

richard wright’s black boy is what people should be reading in their book clubs; not the mcdonalds version also known as The Help.

flannery o’connor’s wise blood boiled my own with how long it took me to read. only 130 pages long, i had a hard time with this one. but the shining light is the lecture you can watch {in your bathrobe, in my case even bathtub} after you’ve finished.

i just started lolita last night.


the words read like a pretty melody.

the words read like a nightmare.

so wrong.

but, terribly fantastic.

happy reading m’loves.

p.s. did you know lolita is actually pronounced law-lee-ta? i’ve been saying it wrong forever.

  • So in awe that you are doing this! Do you think it would help if I took Spanish at Yale? Maybe it would make me more disciplined about things!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Oh Lolita is disturbing! 🙁 But great English is so awe inspiring.

  • Lolita was intense to read. The prose is beautiful, but I spent so much of it just wanting to club Humbert over the head. Good luck! I've only read A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O'Conner, but those were great, so I'll have to give Wise Blood a shot!

  • I have wanted to enroll in a course like this for the longest time! I keep forgetting though. I think I'll have to head over now & start.

    PS: your writing is awesome. very charming.

  • hello love!
    amen sister to this post.
    i so tried to email you but guess what… i know! i'm all- me don't ave da dahm email.
    i have a question for you sweetie. can you mail me?
    love you~

  • I've been saying it wrong forever too! It's brilliant you're taking this course. I'm getting back to my academics too. To the thesis. It might as well be a monster under my bed.

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