dark circles, blemishes, chub rub: off with your heads!

touché eclat, clé de peau, rms un-cover…you’re all still near and dear to my heart, but you’ve been replaced. 

i have found my new holy grail:

easy to use, just a point and a tiny click. the only catch: i’ll now be taking all social engagements, work appointments and photographs via computer.

kind of a win, win when you think of it. the thought of leaving my cozy chair and monrow, softy vintage sweats {found here} on this chilly california morning, is starting to burn my candle cranky.

i love the idea of just hiding back here where i can keep spot, wrinkle & cellulite free-courtesy of my new friend fotoshop.

wednesday happy to you m’loves….and thank you miss brandi for encouraging me not to delete this post.