monday happy to you m’loves. did your weekend bring bliss and smiles bright?

unfortunately much of my weekend was spent refilling my cup with theraflu & nyquil. friday morning i came down with what i hope will be the only flu of 2012. sore throat and fever aside, i managed to eek out a lovely weekend.

papers were read. coffee was consumed.

berries were devoured.

naps were taken.

our sunday morning stroll was peppered with both raindrops & sunshine; the absolute best of both worlds.

oh, yeah and we adopted a new baby. {giggle}

welcome to the family,”jones”!

we’ve been attempting to bring a new love into the home for quite some time.

there have been many painful bumps along the way.

but finally we were able to pick up our new boy: a great pyrenees/anatolian shepherd mix, on saturday.

he is as sweet as pie, and more docile than a sleeping, well-fed baby.

and he is a G.I.A.N.T.

we can’t contain our giddy!

more to come on our “jones” {aka sweetbaby}