monday happy to you my most beloved.

t’was a birthday unforgettable….maybe one of my best….yes, could have been my greatest.

here are a few snippets of the bliss…

although the official birthday was technically on saturday, the festivities kicked off on thursday with an out of this world pizza and a gaggle of my dearest girls whom i’ve known 30+ years.

friday the party continued bright and early at the gym with surprises all around: flowers, balloons, a princess crown, sweets and serenades….i am sore from all the smiling.

some of my dainties included homemade macaroons and a goodie bag of urban decay products….cue the swoon.

i was in chocolate confection heaven as i discovered two, new must-have products…this and this!

flowers and bonbons continued throughout the weekend, but one of the best gifts of the whole celebration included a solid, 3 hour, alarm-clock free nap with my beast….absolute heaven.

on saturday night hunkiest and i went to my favorite restaurant in town, tamarind. we ordered enough food for all of new dehli, and didn’t have a single spoonful left for a doggie bag home. we took gluttony to guinness book levels, and yet didn’t feel an ounce of shame, even with lentils and naan in our hair.

saturday night’s perigree, super moon literally stopped our car ride home; it was even more otherworldly than the photographs show, cue the tim burton music.

i fell asleep with the sweetest pillow talk ever, as priscilla and i recollected our day’s events.

sunday night the weekend crescendoed as i got to spend the evening with my two, most favorite men in the world….

a birthday happiest indeed.

so tell me m’loves….how did your weekend fare?