20/20 vision, yet sometimes it feels as if i spent my day in a blindfold.

as i fall asleep and recount the past ups and downs {mostly ups}, i can only vaguely recollect various moments, it’s a skim and scan at best.

a veil of vaseline, smudges over details, conversations, occasions of grandeur, and bits of wild.

this makes me sad.

i want sparkling, clear, crystal memories; an evian water retrospection of my day.

breathing full life into my present moments, i’m terrific in the now and here, but forgetaboutit at the closing bell….

i was chatting with a sage friend about my predicament, hoping for a tonic of wisdom to imbibe, and flood my cells with intuition and sense……instead she said i was just getting old.

so tell me m’loves….is this happening to you too. are your memories razor-sharp or are they more monet, impressionistic like: pretty, blurry, nice to recall, but don’t put you on the witness stand…..